How Crystals influence our Energetic Body

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The amazing thing about crystals is that they mean different things to different people. From a purely visual standpoint, they’re certainly striking to look at and admire. The fact that they were created in the earth during processes that take millions of years adds to their allure. Crystals have been used for centuries by mystics and sages that have talked about their energetic properties and used them to channel wisdom. Crystal use has been referenced in many different cultures in different times, so it’s safe to say they aren’t a new age wellness fad, but an enduring tradition used to enhance humanity’s relationship with spirituality.

Besides the enigmatic beauty and history behind each crystal’s origins, there is also research supporting the energetic use of crystals in several capacities. We already know that everything has a frequency.  Everything is energy, and crystals hold a certain energy that’s on a very high frequency. Physically, crystals are proven amplifiers, receivers, and conductors of energy being utilized in a range of applications from making clocks, computer chips, to optical fibre. A 2018 study published by the Institute of Physics saw a team of physicists and researchers conclude that crystals have vibrations or natural energetic frequencies that travel through the layers of the crystal. Scientists found that they were even able to change and influence the speed and frequency of the vibrations by substituting a small portion of atoms found naturally in the crystal with atoms of another element.

Crystal enthusiasts have known for years that the fact that they are different colours, means they embody different aspects of vibration and frequency. They’re basically colour held in physical form. Mystics have often spoken about crystals and their ability to help recalibrate and rebalance our systems, because they hold a specific frequency- manifested in their physical shape. For example, some people say that the quartz crystal is very similar to our fascia system. While our bodies are constantly interrupted and impacted by things like chemicals, stress, sugar, poor sleep, and other lifestyle factors, crystals maintain their shape in a stable structure. It’s believed that thanks to this stability, when you keep crystals around, and especially when you wear them, or them close by in your space, what gives them the ability to help maintain that correct structure and composition helps us maintain our equilibrium and balance. Basically, when they’re on our bodies, they can influence the way our bodies function.

Because crystals are by nature a beautiful object, they’re also powerful as an object to focus on in meditation. They allow us to hold what’s known in yoga and meditation circles as a Drishti gaze, our focus point. Many people who struggle with focusing and turning their attention inwards due to the myriad of distractions surrounding us in our daily lives, benefit from using crystals to help create that order and maintain structure of thoughts. Further to their benefits in allowing us to tap into our spirituality, crystals are beautiful when placed on an altar. They can help create ceremony and ritual around our practices, including meditation.

It’s believed that crystals have a mental, emotional, and a physical component that helps different aspects of your body like digestion, inflammation, and many other processes. One huge impact they have is on your mental state and that’s bringing about positivity. Certain crystals, through just their visual qualities can brighten your mood. Specifically, crystals like Citrine, a bright yellow, beautiful crystal is linked to elevated mood and lowered stress. Scientific research published in the Permanente Journal concluded that the mind has healing powers when supported with spiritual practices like mindfulness, meditation, reflection, and other practices that can include crystals. Neuroscience confirms that the mind, when it’s able to recalibrate and rejuvenate through spiritual practice such as mediation, creates healing within the body on a cellular level. In that capacity, crystals used with intention can be part of the cellular healing through stress reduction and refocus. Crystals can be used to feel calm and grounded, lending themselves to a form of self-care and soothing. They help to clarify intentions when we choose a specific crystal for a specific purpose, helping us direct our energies towards that area of our life.

As mentioned above, there are specific crystals for specific energetic purposes. Crystals can facilitate and support positivity, bringing in optimism, abundance, prosperity, and love into our lives. This is based on centuries of intuition from different seers over the years. These mystics have formed a consensus and agreed upon a set of characteristics for each crystal, based on many different people intuiting similar things about crystals. The most popular crystal, especially for women is Rose quartz. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that pink is one of the colours of the heart chakra. You’ll also know that different energies, different chakras in our bodies have different colours, the heart chakra being associated with the colours pink and green. The beautiful pink of the rose quartz is deeply soothing and exudes this softness around it as the stone of love and compassion. This crystal encourages openness and the flow of love from the heart. It’s also a stone that’s associated with fertility, so if you’re looking to expand your family and want to keep that intention around, you can get a rose quartz shaped egg to keep in your space, your meditation area, or anywhere you are around it.

Another stone most people are familiar with is turquoise. Turquoise’s energetic properties are connected to the healing energy of water, the life-giving element that sustains the planet and the origins of life itself. This energy of renewal and rejuvenation is what gives Turquoise its unique ability to support healing intentions and overall well-being. What most people don’t know is that the color and the energy of turquoise is also strongly associated with communication. It’s credited with helping to open our Vishuddha chakra, our fifth chakra, the throat, and our ability to express ourselves and communicate in an authentic way. Communication is an important part of self-love and confidence, that means being able to stand in our power and express our truth. If you’re someone that shies away from speaking your truth, standing up for yourself, or confrontation, turquoise is a great stone to introduce into your life, even as a necklace or bracelet or somewhere around you to help you really keep your communication at its peak.

Another powerful stone described earlier is the beautiful bright yellow Citrine, associated with possessing the healing properties of the sun. Citrine is associated with positivity, abundance, optimism, and warmth. Even gazing at the beautiful light produced by Citrine is magnetic and could be used to invite connection in the form of a soul mate or lifelong friends into your life. People are attracted to positivity and radiance and Citrine inspires both. Citrine is made by heat-treating amethyst, and this heat treatment is also thought to give Citrine more powerful healing powers than its gemstone cousin. The heat treatment expands the auric field of the crystal, filling it with light and clearing away any lingering etheric toxins. Citrine is also a manifestation crystal that can motivate you to take action if you’re feeling stuck in a rut personally or professionally. It’s also one of the stones used to detoxify and aid digestion.

Clear quartz is a fantastic stone to bring into your space that you can program energetically with intentions, which has been practiced since ancient times. Whether you program this crystal with the intentions of helping you practice kindness, calmness, openness, or unconditional love, take clear quartz and clear it with sage or put it in the moonlight to clear the energy. Then hold it in your hands and think of your intention or your goal. It could be a personal, health or professional goal. Put your deepest energy and intentions into the crystal, in this way programming it. When you look at that clear quartz crystal, and you know that you’ve programmed it, it becomes a living reminder and a physical entity in your space that’s helping to preserve your highest intention.


If you’re totally new to crystals and overwhelmed with the choices and varieties, go to a crystal shop in person to see the crystals. Scan the different crystals and see which ones you’re naturally drawn to. Remember, everything is energy and frequency, and crystals have energies and frequencies that can also speak to you. Really listen and tune in, you will start to get answers as things start to come up from within. As you tune in, it will start to become more and more easy to discern what your body is saying to you. Ask yourself, which one can support my energy, where I’m going, where I may be depleted, and what part of me I’m trying to rejuvenate. Stand there and hold that intention. It’s amazing how you may find yourself naturally drawn, not just to an actual type of crystal, but to an individual crystal within the box or bowl of them. Simply pick out the one that really speaks to you. Like people, they all have different energy and different frequencies. Keeping different crystals in different areas of your home is a beautiful way to incorporate the different energies into your life. Bring in crystals that you feel are supportive of that space you want to create.

Whether you consider the research behind crystals or not, if you find joy and peace from something and it helps to bring intention into your life, just the crystal alone is going to profoundly change your life. For many, just seeing the crystal and having it there in their space is a wonderful practice. With the healing properties and specialities of different stones, they’re a great thing to add to your life as another form of self-care practice. Finding ways to individualize your self-care, exploring if you are drawn to certain crystals and bringing them into your life can only serve to enrich it. Crystals are ancient, they come from the earth and are a part of nature. So just like all parts of nature, they should be respected and treated with love.

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