The Quantec

Instrumental bio-communication with QUANTEC®

Biological organisms have the ability to communicate with one another outside of perceptible or measurable areas (biocommunication).

Instrumental biocommunication is the possibility of building a physical device in such a way that it can simulate being a biological system. The result: It can now receive information from other biological systems or pass it on to other systems. The interfaces that allow a computer to communicate with biological systems are based on the one hand on diodes that generate white noise and on the other hand on the non-locality of quantum physical phenomena.

The areas of application for this technology are practically unlimited. QUANTEC® is currently the global leader in the field of biocommunication .

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Because of Patents within the USA and Canada, please note that the Quantec has been renamed as AXXYXX in this region – it is one and the same product.  The world leader in the field of Biocommunication, all the way from Germany.