Metanoia Mind

The mind is where our emotions, memories and beliefs live.  We use talk therapy to figure out what is going on in the mind and possibly adding to any discomfort you are experiencing.  Once we have this figured out, we can resolve and release through various techniques like EFT, frequency healing and more.

Metanoia Body

Suppressed emotions cause energetic blockages, which in turn manifest in Physical and emotional symptoms.  It’s what causes you to not feel so lekke.  By figuring out what the root cause of these blockages are, and releasing the emotions, we can minimize the effects on you Physically.  This can give you back your quality of life.  Imagine that!

Metanoia Energy

Whether you believe it or not, your body is made up of atoms – a.k.a. energy my bru!  You are vibing.  When we heal, we need to do so on a physical, emotional and ENERGETIC level in order for it to stick.  We can help you to release whatever might be stuck in, or blocking your energy flow, allowing the transformation to become permanent.

Metanoia Holistic Transformation South Africa | metanoiasa.com
Your well-being and transformation is our priority

Everyone is talking about Mental Health right now...

but what if I told you that your mental health and well-being was part of a much bigger picture?  Yes, things like genetic predisposition play a role, but there is so much more to it than this – and there is a very large possibility that it can be resolved through the holistic process.  Are you keen?  Let’s vibe!


Natural Solution

Together we are able to work on whatever disease, discomfort or symptoms you are experiencing, and the best of it all is that it is a natural process.  Nothing to make you feel horrible unnecessarily.

We have the power to heal ourselves to be the happy, healthy person we are meant to be. 

“To truly heal, you are going to have to change the way you think.  You are going to have to become very conscious of negative and false beliefs and start shifting to a mindset that actually serves you.” – Brianna Wiest





Helping people in 35 countries

If you are lekke and based in South-Africa, you have come to the right place!  We can’t wait to hear from you.

If you are in the UAE, please head over to https://www.metanoiatransformation.com for more information.

If you are outside of the UAE and RSA, please head over to https://www.realmetanoiahealing.com