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Create a Workplace that supports Wellness.

by in Uncategorized May 18, 2022

We spend half of our waking hours at our jobs, sometimes even more. While some occupations are healthier than others, research shows that occupational stress, sedentary behaviour, and unhealthy habits we form during our working hours can take their toll both physically and mentally. While we all have bills to pay and obligations to fulfil, […]

2021 in Review

by in Mental Health and Well-being December 31, 2021

For most, 2021 was a very hard year, and I agree, it wasn’t the easiest to be honest.  We lost some very near and dear family members and friends, suffered through grief, sadness and a sense of loss.  My thoughts especially go out to those who weren’t able to spend time with their loved ones […]

Soulmate Relationships

by in Energy, Relationships November 23, 2021

In the last post we explored the notion of twin flames and how they differ in definition to the more popularised notion of a soulmate. A soulmate adds to the complexity of the spiritual connections we make and break during our time spent on earth. A soulmate can be further broken down into categories that […]

Connecting through the Crown Chakra

by in Energy, Energy Nutrition, Essential Oils, Exercise, Healing, Health, Mental Health and Well-being September 16, 2021

The chakras represent and merge certain parts of our physical body, as well as distinct parts of our consciousness. Our conscious mind is responsible for how we perceive our reality and represents everything that is possible and available for us to experience. Chakras interact synergistically, as energy transmitters and healers, helping you digest and process […]

Unlocking the Third Eye Chakra

by in Energy, Energy Nutrition, Essential Oils, Healing, Health, Mental Health and Well-being, Other, Tips and Tricks September 15, 2021

As we’ve discovered, the human body functions on an energy system, comprising partly of the seven primary chakras. Chakras are the Sanskrit word for wheel, which describes the way in which our energy flows, and also represent major nerve centers along the human spine. Ayurveda stipulates that our energy spins in either a clockwise or […]

Invite Love with the Heart Chakra

by in Energy, Energy Nutrition, Essential Oils, Healing, Health, Mental Health and Well-being, Other, Tips and Tricks August 22, 2021

If you haven’t been following our chakra series here’s a quick recap. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, and the chakras are literally spinning energy wheels. There are seven major energy junctures along the spine that serve as connection points between the physical body and consciousness. You can’t see or touch the chakras, but […]