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Astrology is an ancient practice that has been around since the beginning of time. In fact, did you know a research team discovered what may be the oldest astrologer’s board, engraved with zodiac signs dating back more than 2,000 years, in a cave in Croatia overlooking the Adriatic Sea? An ancient astrologer, trying to determine a person’s horoscope, could have used the board to show the position of the planets, sun and moon at the time the person was born, much like how today we calculate a person’s sun, moon, and rising signs. But astrology has still deeper roots, predating Christianity itself. Astrology originated in Babylon far back in antiquity, with the Babylonians developing their own form of horoscopes around 2,400 years ago. Today astrology is widely used by both believers and sceptics as a form of pastime. So how can we apply astrology in our everyday lives and come to terms with the idea of being on a designated path? However, you choose to explore astrology or incorporate it into your life, it’s important to remember that practicing astrology can give us insights into the circumstances of the future, but not necessarily the outcomes.

Astrology can open up people’s perception of their lives. We’re often victim to other’s perceptions of us and our own limiting beliefs, which we already know brings nothing but pain, disappointment and unrealised personal potential. Astrology and the study of mathematical cycles that have been relied on for centuries, forming the basis for calendars and religious offerings can also offer us guidance on a more personal level. Astrology gives us an alternative way of looking at things, and sometimes a fresh, unbiased perspective is exactly what we need the most. Even if we don’t choose to act on the advice presented to us in the stars, we at least spend some intentional time considering a different point of view. We may even find something that aligns with us on a deeper level, that we may not have had the opportunity to explore without astrology’s input.

Humans have battled with the notion of being designated to a path that’s predetermined and whether we can change our path since the beginning of time. Astrology treads a fine line of offering guidance and predicting outcomes. Seeking help in times of change and flux such as a job change, moving countries or even making an investment has long been one of astrology’s draws, offering a powerful assessment tool when decision making is stalled. We already know that the spiritual world is greater than what we can see, touch and understand. So, it never hurts to hold off on big decisions while the universe is experiencing destabilising retrogrades. Similarly, when we know there is some serious cosmic activity happening, we can better fortify and prepare ourselves emotionally. Who doesn’t love blaming mercury retrograde for everything going wrong in their lives? It’s innately satisfying and way less personal.

A common criticism from many sceptics of astrology has been how each of the signs all have similar predictions when every person’s lives are so different. Whether you look to astrology for daily guidance, big life decisions or just for fun, it’s always important to remember that forecasts are not definitive. We all have the power to shift our destiny on different paths, but it’s useful to understand the astrological conditions in which we are operating in. Some say, if nothing else it lends a sense of comfort and confidence to navigating otherwise perilous conditions. Astrology honours our differences and uniqueness, but also highlights our collectiveness. For example, we know that certain personalities born under a specific sign are more likely to demonstrate some characteristics more profoundly than others. It’s also been proven that world leaders and CEOs are often more likely to belong to one specific astrological sign than any other. Artists, painters and creative minds often belong to a vastly different astrological sign. So, there is definitely something to be said for astrological signs and their predictive powers.


Adding to the complexity of star signs, yet explaining why no two Leos are alike, is the added complexity of moon and ascending signs that are purported to influence our nature. Everyone knows their star sign, based on their date of birth, which is technically known as their sun sign. As the sun is the brightest force in our solar system, it’s also the most potent force in your personality. Its energy ties to your core identity and who you are evolving to become throughout your lifetime. Your moon and ascendant signs may be the reason you don’t feel you totally fit into the category of your sun sign, although as you get older you become more comfortable and in tune with your sun sign’s core identity. Your moon sign is tied to the inner world, our feelings and emotions. Then finally we have the rising or ascending sign, an extremely important sign that can only be discovered through your birth chart including the exact time, date and location you were born. Your rising sign can be thought of as the mask you wear with the world. It often gives insight into your style, how you look and even how you partner and relate to other people. If you don’t feel you relate at all to your sun sign, it could be because you have a very powerful rising sign.

Following from the typical characterises we can see in various signs, one of the things many people ask potential partners is what their star sign is. It’s not just for fun. It’s also a way to quickly understand someone’s personality albeit via a stereotype. Does that mean that two signs who cosmically present a mismatch are destoned for doom? Not always. As with all things to do with astrology, it’s important to factor in each personal’s individual characteristics, willingness to negotiate in relationships and generally how they are as a partner. Astrology in the realm of relationships can offer useful insights gleaned from centuries of wisdom that can offer a roadmap for relationships rather than a death sentence or a cosmic seal of approval. So that when we do come up with issues, we have yet another resource to help us understand not only our own behaviours, but also how the other person may react to them, and what miscommunications are likely to arise.

Using astrology as a tool to better understand our lives and our interactions with the world, including seen and unseen forces can only be a plus in an increasingly chaotic world filled with decisions and indecisiveness. Whilst commonly misunderstood as a pseudoscience that primarily forecasts events and makes predictions, astrology has a lot more to offer us in terms of understanding our strengths, weaknesses and unlocking future potential. As for predictions? That as always, remains to be seen.  Something that is super important to keep in mind , is that as humans, we have free will in everything.  Yes, the Universe and your higher-self have agreements pertaining to your life and the lessons for this journey, but nothing is ever set in stone.  The Universe will never take away your choice, even though it may feel like it at times.

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