Going Within the Sacral Chakra

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As introduced in depth in the previous post, the term chakra comes from the East and describes the different energy centers of the body. Modern medicine has increasingly given credibility to the importance of an energy balance, the brain-gut connection being a popular example. Supporting the concept of wholeness, we need to look at each chakra as both an individual unit of wellness, and holistically, how it interacts and flows into the other chakras. The more balanced we are, the more energy can flow freely through the chakras. Today we’ll delve into the sacral chakra, also known as the Swadisthana chakra, as we continue to explore the theme of the anatomy of our energy centers. The Sacral chakra is the second chakra, found at the center of the lower belly, below the navel, also nicknamed the social chakra and creation chakra.  It helps us to feel creative, sensual and is also responsible for our fertility and reproductive health. The sacral chakra holds the energy of your creativity. It governs your feelings of self-worth, desire, sexuality, and sensuality.


When the sacral chakra is blocked or out of balance, we can come across issues with the reproductive system, including menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections, a significantly (or uncharacteristically) altered sexual interest, and lower back pain. Looking at the internal organs, issues with the bladder, kidneys, or adrenal glands can also arise. From an emotional standpoint, an out of balance sacral chakra might lead us to feel disconnected from society, suddenly risk averse, uncomfortable with body image, or shameful about healthy and natural sexuality.


Characterized as being a very fluid chakra (its element is water after all), to support the sacral chakra we should focus on water-rich foods and liquids that encourage hydration. Hydration is key to flush out waste and toxins in the kidneys which, as mentioned above, can run into problems when the sacral chakra is out of alignment. Think juicy tropical fruits and foods such as coconut water, pineapple, mangoes and papaya. What do some of these foods have in common? They’re related to the color orange, which has its own energetic vibration related to the sacral chakra. Load up on carrots, butternut squash, apricots, peaches, mandarins and oranges to support a balanced sacral chakra. Remember it’s best to eat fruits on an empty stomach as they digest faster, and we want to enhance, not depress, our digestion which can impact our energy in major ways. Think a fresh summer fruit salad for breakfast, or a peach and mango smoothie with coconut water as a snack. For lunch and dinner roast carrots and butternut squash to top your salad. Sacral chakra energy boosting foods are totally appropriate for the summer weather so get experimenting.


The sacral chakra associates with the color orange, so orange stones like orange calcite, are especially useful if you suffer from emotional symptoms of a blocked sacral chakra such as anti- social feelings, and social anxiety. Carnelian is used to boost and nurture femininity and sensuality. Tangerine Quartz and the high energy Sunstone similarly have been said to boost healing and balance. Sleep with either stone by your bedside or even under your pillow to feel the energy presence. Meditating whilst holding your chosen stone is also a powerful way to connect with your sacral chakra. Remember to charge your stones under the full moon light once per month to experience maximum energetic potential and healing.


Yoga poses, or asanas are especially helpful in restoring circulation to the sacral chakra region and removing stagnation. Poses and sequences that focus on the hips such as sun salutations, where we move through poses with the breath are great for warming up and balancing the energy centers. Moving on to deeper stretches for longer holds such as in pigeon pose, lizard, goddess and malasana, and you will find yourself renewed after the practice. A simple beginner friendly pose that will have you experiencing an immediate shift in the sacral region is the the frog pose. Start on all fours with hands under your shoulders on the floor, knees under your hips, turn the toes facing outwards and slowly separate the knees as you come down onto your forearms. Keep the knees in line with the ankles and hips in line with your knees. You want to look like you have two ninety degrees angles with your legs. You should feel a deep stretch in the hip region. Hold for one minute and build up to two. Be careful when coming out of the pose. Slowly and gently shift your weight forward onto your hands and bring the knees together underneath you. Bliss!


Meditation and affirmations are helpful in aligning the sacral chakra, like all the energy centers of the body. Burn or simply place a few drops of essential oil on your wrists, or a folded tissue tucked into your shirt. Essential oils associated with the sacral chakra are easily accessible and widely used such as Ylang Ylang, Rose, Sweet orange, and Tangerine. Make sure you sit comfortably without distractions in a quiet place and close your eyes. Start to shift your focus to your body and repeat affirmations such as “I feel joy in my body. I appreciate and nurture my body. I accept my healthy body and how it supports my day-to-day life.” Really take stock of what your body allows you to do and appreciate it. The mantra “vam” is dedicated to the sacral chakra, and repeating it is said to create healing vibrations that stimulate and awaken energies in the sacral chakra.


Another simple way to connect with the sacral chakra and align its energies is to reconnect with water. As mentioned earlier, the sacral chakra is fluid and thrives on proximity to water. Spending time near a lake, river, pond or the beach are all super effective and calming ways to support the energy of your sacral chakra. Carve out some free time to spend by or even swimming in any body of water and feel your inner creativity and spontaneity come alive. Have you seen kids frolicking at the pool during summer break? Any body of water that allows us to feel free and weightless yet supported and safe is the ultimate confidence boost while soothing at the same time.


Whenever you feel like you’re in a funk creatively, or avoiding social interactions you previously craved, take stock of how you might be connecting (or disconnecting) from your sacral chakra. Have you lost your passion for life and love? It’s totally normal to experience ups and downs, we’re all human after all. But what isn’t right is choosing to live that way and stagnate in lost potential, lost love and broken connections. Try even one, two (or all) of the tips above and be on your way to a thriving energetic connection to yourself, the world and our environment.

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