Let me Introduce myself…

by in Other September 12, 2020

Hey Peeps!  First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting our brand-new website and for reading the blog section.  We are super excited and super proud to share this new business with you.  Metanoia Coaching has evolved into Metanoia Healing and even though I am still available for marriage and relationship counselling on request, my focus will be on healing my clients on an emotional, physical and energetic level through T³ and Healing.


It may seem like quite a big shift, but it isn’t really.  While working with my clients in relationship counselling and coaching, I realised that we were only addressing symptoms and not the root cause of what was causing them to seek coaching or counselling in the first place.  My belief system has always been a little different, and I have always been aware of the body’s energy system and the fact that it effects mental and physical health.  I started reading Louise L. Hays’ books at the age of 16 and this entrenched these beliefs even further.

For many years I hid this belief system from people who didn’t really know me and from those whom I feared would judge me.  Everyone wants to be liked, and because my belief system was a little different to the norm, I was really concerned about that judgement and rejection.  I cared deeply about what others thought of me and at the age of 35 I finally reached a point in my life where I didn’t care all that much anymore.  I took the time to deal with and resolve my issues and I am ready for the world to see me as I am.


I have a conventional Psychology degree together with other holistic diplomas, such as Meridian Psychotherapy and Kinesiology, but for many years I worked in corporate purely because I couldn’t afford to step into another career without the steady monthly income I was getting from being employed.  I did really well in the corporate world too, but I knew that I was meant for something different.  At that point in time, it didn’t matter.  I needed to work and earn a salary because we had bills to pay, and because I was happy with life in general, (I have an amazing husband and support system) I did it with a smile on my face, most of the time.  When my husband was offered a job in the UAE, we jumped at the opportunity since we love new adventures and he has wanted to work here for as long as he can remember.  When he told me I would be able to take some time off when we get here to figure out what I wanted to do, I was ecstatic, but also scared as hell.  I was so happy and I knew I would be able to follow my passion, but the thought of doing this was so very daunting.  What is I failed?  What if it was the wrong decision?  What will people say?  That is why I has to deal with my “stuff” first…and after doing so, here I am world, see me roar. (Wink!)


Even though I have the conventional Psychology qualification, I don’t necessarily agree with everything I was taught.  It helped me a great deal and I know that I am a better Energy therapist because of it though, and for that I am extremely grateful.  Knowing how the human mind works, from a scientific point of view, really gives me a different perspective.  I am able to approach complexities faced by my clients, from multiple angles in order to get to the bottom of it and to aid them in healing completely on an emotional, physical and energetic level, which means that whatever they are facing will vanish and is very unlikely to return.  It took me a little while to get to the point where I knew where I wanted head with this calling, but needless to say, here I am and I cannot wait to meet you.  I will continue to study and learn as much as I can about energy – and related therapies in order to aid you in the best healing journey possible with the best chance of complete recovery, because that is what you deserve.

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