How your home surroundings affect your energy.

by in Energy, Healing November 30, 2020

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that your physical surroundings have a major impact on every area of your life from your mental, physical to emotional health.  So, you also know first-hand, how your home environment has the potential to inspire and support your energy, or exhaust and drain you.  The fact is, you absorb your environment, the things that you see, hear, and feel in your home are all taken in by your senses and affect your physical and emotional health.  Conversely, our relationships and the media we consume can affect the energy we interact with in our own homes.  A build-up of negative feelings can manifest in poor sleep, health issues and relationship problems.  The good news is we have the opportunity to deliberately create an environment that feeds us and facilitates our goals. No renovation required.

People are increasingly aware of the presence and power of energy.  We’re aware that there are things in our space we can’t see, and that they tangibly affect our feelings and our thoughts.  Feng Shui, the study of harmonizing energy in our living spaces has its roots in 25 AD, yet it is relevant today in a modern context more than ever.  There are many simple techniques for enhancing the energy flow in an environment, one way is through the elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  Elements work in the medium of space. When there is more space, more universal intelligence is able to circulate.

Energy’s sworn enemy is clutter.  Studies have shown that a clean and comfortable living environment reduces stress and simultaneously increases health and happiness.  Clutter bugs be warned, emotionally, you are ungrounded as this setup doesn’t offer a safe space for you to relax and unwind after a long day.  In essence, there should be no piles of things, whatever you need should be easily accessible.  No trawling through stacks of laundry to find your lap top.  When was the last time you organized your kitchen pantry? More than an aesthetic improvement, decluttering can be ultra-therapeutic for your energy.  If you feel stuck in a rut or generally stalling in one area of your life, a powerful exercise of letting go is cleaning out. Anything from a drawer to a full room in your living space. Decluttering opens you up for more creativity and feelings of empowerment. Everything in your life will feel more harmonious. Change your space and you change the quality of your thoughts and of your life.  The effect is that profound.  Not sure where to begin?  Use your Intuition.  Ask yourself, how does this feel to you when holding an item.  Did you hold on to anything after going through a break up?  You may be brewing toxic energy. How does the couch feel to you when you sit on it?  Here we’re letting go of things even in a spiritual sense.  Recognizing things that aren’t serving you.  That pile of magazines that you’ll never look through or old clothes in your closet that you don’t wear anymore- all items that are cramping your energy potential.

Set some ground rules.  Every room should have a purpose.  Don’t eat in your home office, don’t work in the bedroom- we’ve all been there more than we’d like to admit.  Ensure you make your dining room and kitchen a place you want to eat so you’re not eating at your desk.  The living room is a social space and a space for relaxation.  You don’t need to live in a villa to thrive with these energy enhancing tips.  If you don’t have a home office, dedicate a corner of your living room to work with a desk and chair.  No migrating to the couch after lunch.  If you still have a spare corner, make a meditation corner where you only meditate and try to meditate daily to clear your mind.  The bedroom is really a time to tune out and unplug.  Electromagnetic fields are a major issue affecting your sleep.  They keep you wired, so keep electronics- TV included, out of your bedroom.  You’ll thank me later!

No work or papers in the bedroom.  Get a great mattress that supports your body and allows for deep rest and restoration.  Keep your bed linens clean, fresh and crisp.  Dirty linens harbour more than germs, they encourage energy to stagnate and hinder sleep.  Choose a wooden bed frame as metal frames attract electromagnetic waves from technology and affect sleep cycles.  Recreate a yoga studio Zen-like vibe at home.  Burn sage or frankincense to clear negative energies from your living space.  On that note, avoid news channels or violent shows which emit negative vibrations which in turn attract more negativity into your living space.  Tune into shows with an uplifting message, or find a relaxing radio station you love.   We can’t possibly do a post on energy and leave out crystals…  We are besotted with them after all.  As part of the earth element, they ground you, and you can clear your energy on demand just by holding them.   Put the majority of your crystals in your meditation area if you have one, or in a strategic place where you can sit quietly when you need to rest and restore.  Orgonite, Shungite and Black Tourmaline are amazing at protecting against EMF’s from computers and cell phones.  Keep them by your computer, work space or where you charge your gadgets. Even better, limit your screen time, especially after sunset.

Creating a home environment that you love is essential for your energy and well-being. Enjoy creating and maintaining a nourishing home environment that brings you greater energy, health and happiness.  The ancient Feng Shui masters had a practical yet beautiful saying, “Trust what your heart is thinking.”

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