How to Raise your Vibrations

by in Energy November 4, 2020

Energy, frequency, vibration. You’ve probably heard these buzz words before – and if you’re reading this, you’re more than a little interested in what it means for you. In a nutshell, we are all energetic beings. We pick up on information from energy fields from others people’s bodies – we literally ‘sync up’ with other’s vibrations around us. Ever heard somebody say, “I have a bad feeling about that guy”, or, “this place gives me the creeps.” I know I’ve definitely said it myself! Everything is made up of energy, and these subtleties are actually a way of perceiving. And just like a sinister character can make you want to high tail it away from them, we can’t deny or suppress our vibrations long term. The subconscious will eventually catch up with the conscious mind. This can manifest in low personal vibrations such as fear, anxiety, insomnia and depression.


Quick recap, you have your own personal vibration, and someone else has their own vibration. We adapt ourselves to what we are around, in practical terms we match frequencies. Why is this important to know? Notice how when you’re around happy people you vibe off them, we feel joy. Conversely, when we’re around a serial complainer or someone with a victim mentality, we often feel worse about our own problems. We modulate ourselves and our personal vibration fluctuates. So how can you raise your personal vibration in a world full of stress, overstimulation and lets’ face it, bad news from every outlet? We can focus on something called our core vibration. Nurturing our core vibration means introducing ‘feeling states’ to your body’s memory that are in essence good experiences, memories and feelings you can go back to. Recalling a family vacation from your childhood, remembering what it felt like to play with a kitten or a throwback to a beautiful sunrise. All good experiences that help you reminisce and give you the warm and fuzzies will help you go back to your purest self. Lean into these feelings and remember you have a choice which ‘feeling states’ to feed yourself.


Raising your core vibration means handling stress and connecting on a deeper level. Also known as living in the present moment. For many that could mean meditation in a practical sense. For others, gratitude journaling or mindfulness. As long as you find ways to stay in the present moment with your attention and your awareness, you keep tuning in. When we start to project out into the past or into the future, catastrophizing scenarios that may never happen, we break the connection with our core vibration. The minute you recenter, bring your attention inside your body, the present moment, you create high and clear frequency around yourself. Your field of energy that you live in becomes that frequency. Make it your daily practice to try a mindfulness meditation or gratitude journaling when you wake up.


It makes sense that the higher vibration a person, or place has, the better we feel around them. Raising vibrations in your home is a great and easy way to honor your personal vibrations, especially since we spend more time at home these days. One simple way to raise the vibrations in your home space is to create more of it, space that is! Decluttering can have major effects on your mood, productivity, and, you guessed it, vibration. Removing stagnant energy, anything that doesn’t serve you. Yes, we’re giving you permission to give away that unwanted dining set or corny Secret Santa gift from a coworker. Adding in small details like candles, house plants, bright colors and photos of positive memories all raise the vibrations of your space and as a result, you. Even something as simple as opening a window from time to time to let the sunshine in or to hear chattering from the birds will instantly up the feel-good vibes. Keep electronics out of the bedroom and look into some Feng Shui principles that have been relied on for thousands of years for creating harmony in spaces.


Experts have long lauded the effects of music on energy. Or should we say, music is energy, since it has its own vibration. Used with purpose, it’s a powerful tool for helping you regulate your mood, relax your mind and raise your vibrations. Choose your playlist carefully to reflect what you want your personal vibration to be. This is individual for everyone and tuning in to your core self will help you choose music that makes you feel good. I personally love old school, retro hits that remind me of family drives on the weekends from when I was growing up.


Clinical nutritionist and yogi Kimberly Snyder refers to high-vibration foods for those foods that nourish us and allow us to thrive on a cellular level. Include lots of green leafy vegetables, sprouts, fresh berries and herbs in your diet- you will literally be eating the energy of the sun. Think of the immense amount of energy required from inside a seed that bursts through the soil into a leafy plant fueled by the sun. Its energy in its purest form. For high vibrations from the inside out, eat foods that are alive instead of denatured and manufactured in a lab. You may not see them growing in real time, but fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes and also nuts are amazingly full of vibrations and high energy. They also help you connect with your true self, rather than leave you overstimulated and strung out (hello, caffeine we’re looking at you) or with a sugar hangover that keeps you coming back for more but leaves you with less.


As the world and the people in it, become more and more curious and willing to explore vibrations, energy and the metaphysical, it is an amazing time of reawakening to our true selves and unleashing the potential that many times, stays dormant. If we only knew how much we were capable of and how much energy we possess, we would live happier and healthier lives full or purpose.

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