Why Metaphysics Is Gaining Respect From Medical Academics

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Science has an important role to play in our daily lives as it proves and disproves a lot of things. What medical science is slowly acknowledging, however, is that it does not prove or disprove everything. What is the impact of this on physical and mental health?

The Interchangeability Of “Things”

One major point that is challenging definitive scientific declarations is that previously static “things” are being found to metamorphose. This shows that many “things” are temporary shapes or behaviours that can interchangeably change or behave in different ways. So how can one diagnosis and checklist be effective?

What Is A “Thing”?

If we look back at Plato and Aristotle, they sought the ‘the being of any thing, whereby it is, what it is’ (John Locke, 1689). To this day, we continue to question what differentiates a frog from a toad, a dog from a wolf, etc. But is this a futile human endeavour to create divisions to feed our desire to be unique, supported by ignoring evidence that shows there are 95 to 98 per cent similarities?

The Protein Example

Consider the universal protein. Proteins are the ultimate workers in the biological world. They carry intercellular messages, act as catalysts and much more. They are macromolecule amino acids comprising thousands of atoms bonded through shared electrons. 

Scientists used to publish that each protein was clearly defined by its amino acid arrangement and function and worked in a ‘lock and key’ manner. This is incorrect. Proteins show that they negotiate and, more importantly, choose to change their function depending on their context. 

The enzyme phosphoglucose isomerase, for example, assists energy release inside cells; however, it performs four or more functions outside of the cells. One function is the growth of nerves (directly influencing the brain), and more are being discovered.

There are amino acids that are called ‘disordered’ because they can’t be categorised. These proteins (about 40 per cent of total proteins) quickly change from one form to another, completely changing their function!

If we should learn anything, it is that with a broader enough picture of scientific analysis, there are no sharp species divisions.

Where Science Needs Extra Input

Medical science from 100 years ago clearly shows that many things were done incorrectly. At the time, the theories were fiercely supported. No doubt, in 2122, the same comment will be applicable to today, and that is why an open mind and a broader view are so essential. Science is too limited, insular and imperfect to tell us definitive answers. 

Naturalistic metaphysicians take this onboard and understand that the ongoing biotic fluxes must influence our observations and methodologies for healing. 

Even genetic knowledge has failed to categorise. “The genes that vary most between species also tend to vary most within related species, so genes alone could not delimit individual organisms”. 

The Path To Physical & Mental Health

The physics of today’s world looks more like a process than a “thing”. Science is needed but as part of a bigger picture approach to the dynamic collection of cells that we call “a Human”. 

A human is not a separate thing, e.g. our gut, skin, et al. play host to trillions of bacteria that we thought were opportunistic passengers. We now understand they are vital for digestion, immune strength, development success and our brain and nervous system health. 

Medical science is decades away from understanding, diagnosing and supporting the human body and mind effectively, which is why a wide-angled approach to physical and mental health is necessary. And that is where Metaphysics provides a wide enough lens.

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