What Is Bio-Resonance & How Does It Work?

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As my patients and blog readers know, I am a qualified psychologist who combines alternative methods to treat patients holistically. For those who don’t know, I use a Quantec machine and Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT), amongst other effective modalities that bring about overall health. This article has been written to explain BRT to those that are new to it.

Let’s start the explanation so that the healing can start!

What Is Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT)

BRT utilises the biophysics of the body as part of a non-invasive therapy. BRT is not meant to hinder conventional treatments and can work for children and infants.

What Can Be Treated With BRT?

BRT can be used for diverse conditions, and its greatest benefit is to reveal and heal the underlying reasons for chronic conditions. It is also renowned for resolving illness-causing stress influences such as pains, fatigue, digestive disorders and more.

There are also stressful environmental influences such as pesticides, pollution, radiation and negative influences of certain medicines. These upset the balance of your biological processes. Our bodies can cope to a certain level, but after that, illnesses manifest.

What Does BRT Do?

BRT therapy works by enhancing the body’s ability to expel toxins, reduce its stress load and return the body to a state of self-regulation, which is ideal for healing.

The therapy is based on cellular science, which reports that each cell in a living ‘thing” (animal, plant, fungi, protist and monera) has its own resonance frequency. Groups of cells make an organ, for example, and they have their unique frequency.

When your body is healthy, it balances different wave processes, but when these are disrupted, disease occurs. An example of potential disruptions is the predominance of excitement, which is also called pathological stress. This disrupts your nervous system and leads to disease anomalies.

Because there is intercellular biophoton communication (flashes of light) at unique frequencies, researchers have proposed that biophysics controls the body’s biochemical levels, influencing the biological structures. BRT works by lowering the unhealthy frequencies and increasing the healthy frequencies to the correct levels.

What Will You Feel During The Therapy?

Because these frequencies are subtle and gradual, you will not feel anything on the exterior; however, action is happening internally as frequencies are slowly encouraged to recalibrate to healthy levels. 

As each person is unique, you may only need one session, or you might need three to six sessions. The improvement is not seen instantly but over the short to medium term, as problem cells might be replaced by recalibrated new cells or your body works on flushing out impurities.

Before We End This

We don’t expect the diverse complexity of BRT to be fully addressed in this brief article. Our aim here was to give you an introduction to the concept so that you begin to understand the level at which this remarkable therapy works. It also shows how you can take traditional medicine and use this in unison. But, if you do have more questions, then please reach out to me with them.

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