The Role Of Metaphysics In Therapy

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Psychiatry is often used as a solution, and this is arguably an error. It seeks biological causes or sees the mind as a cause. This makes it a hierarchical approach, whereas life comprises processes that interact dynamically.

The Flow Vs Layers

Heraclitus proposed that everything flows continuously in flux with interlinked processes present for different periods of time. We change as an organism throughout our development at a slower pace than the cellular replacement occurring in our bodies.

Processes in dynamic interaction occur in things we view as stable things. The key is to change our viewpoint to understanding we are surrounded by processes and fluxes. We, therefore, need a metaphysical therapy process to achieve healing. There is no single biological root cause of major depression. It is multicausal.

Hierarchical Error

If we think of life as sequential layers, then we might be led to assume mental health or unhappiness causes are at the lower levels or deeply entrenched in the brain.

Mental health, unhappiness and physical wellness are multicausal and the same affliction can be brought about by different combinations of circumstances. Evidence points repeatedly to environmental, social and cultural factors. Therefore, one channel of treatment cannot be the solution.

The Metaphysical Therapy

Mental health deterioration and unhappiness develop over time and affect the whole person. To understand the entrenched, multicausal influences, we need a holistic observation and appropriate consideration of a person’s life experiences, values, goals and narratives, as well as their brains.

Mental health and unhappiness are complex developments with myriad manifestations, at different times, for different lengths of time and due to multiple impactful processes collected in a non-linear way.

Due to the complexity of processes that a human has been through, the causes of disharmony are never simply biological, psychological or psychosocial. Ergo, one treatment cannot be more important than another, nor can we exclude any factors when trying to understand a person’s status. 


Therefore, it is advisable that we approach healing and well-being at different levels of abstraction at different times using as many appropriate tools as possible. 

This does require a greater investment in resources by the patient into their healing as each treatment will be a prototype, unlike traditional medicine, which has an almost one-size-fits-all approach. With person-centred therapy, far fewer resources are ultimately used in the person’s life span versus year-on-year medical costs. In addition, and more importantly, by achieving a greater sense of well-being and happiness through a metaphysical approach, the possibility of avoiding fatal illnesses in the long term is also significantly enhanced. 

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