Hidden Symptoms Of PTSD/Trauma You May Not Have Recognised

by in Healing, Mental Health and Well-being May 12, 2023

PTSD/trauma can have long-term, serious impacts on those afflicted and, in some cases, be completely debilitating. There are many treatments available to treat PTSD/trauma, but it is essential to identify and recognise the condition before treatment can begin. 

Many PTSD/trauma signs and symptoms are well known and easily identified, but there are some that are often overlooked or go unrecognised. When these symptoms are not identified, PTSD/trauma can remain undiagnosed and untreated, resulting in long-term suffering and a poor quality of life. 

At Metanoia, we understand that conditions like PTSD/trauma are more complex than many people realise and that diagnosis is essential. We look deeper than surface-level symptoms, often identifying PTSD/trauma through hidden, lesser-known signs and symptoms so that treatment and healing can begin. 


Good sleep is essential for overall health and mental wellness. PTSD/trauma can severely impact sleep quality, resulting in restlessness, disrupted sleep, trouble staying asleep, insomnia, night terrors, and more. Finding that you are unable to sleep without experiencing vivid nightmares or flashbacks, can’t fall asleep due to paranoia, or cannot sleep without using pills, alcohol or other unhealthy coping methods? You could be suffering from PTSD/trauma.

Focus Problems

PTSD/trauma often results in hyperawareness and the feeling that danger is just a moment away. This can result in trouble remaining focused or a complete inability to pay attention to anything other than the feeling of impending danger. Focus problems manifest in difficulty completing simple tasks, performing chores, or succeeding at work.

Declining Interest In Relationships And Hobbies

Close relationships with friends and family are key to building a healthy support system and living with overall health and happiness. PTSD/trauma can often overwhelm the affected person, making them feel completely disinterested or unable to maintain relationships with loved ones. Hobbies and pastimes can fall by the wayside as the person finds themselves trapped in feelings of being unmotivated, drained, and disconnected.

PTSD/trauma can result in serious physical and psychological symptoms that severely impact a person’s quality of life. At Metanoia, we recognise the emotional and physical blockages that these symptoms can result in and are here to help you heal. We identify the true root cause of your problems through holistic, practised techniques to help you find long-term peace and health. 

If you believe you are suffering from PTSD/trauma or are looking for natural solutions to discomfort, diseases, pain or mental health struggles, contact the Metanoia team today.

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