Ruby in Zoisite Chip Bracelet


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Another Beauty!

Also known as Ruby in Zoisite, or Anyolite.  This stone has a great combination of colours and energy, making it one of the most noble in the crystal realm.  Amazing to enhance the connection between the heart and the brain – let’s face it, this is useful to all of us.  Heads and hearts don’t always agree.  It has a strong spiritual nature, and will increase and support you while going through spiritual growth spurts.  Great for retrieving soul memories.  Boosts and promotes a sense of bliss.  Renews and entrenches your commitment to your higher purpose as it brings about a purification of the thought process.  Great for grounding during emotional turmoil and boosts self-confidence.  Great for depression and burnout.  Aids with Heart disease and blood circulation.  Resonates strongly with the Heart Chakra.


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