Lepidolite Round Palm Stones


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Gorgeous, round Lepidolite palm stones.  Great for meditation, especially if you are a little uncertain about the future and what it may hold.

Lepidolite mops up electromagnetic pollution and is great to keep around electronics for that reason.  Keep some in your office.  This gorgeous stone dissipates negativity and resonates with the Throat, Heart, Brow and Crown Chakras.  It’s all about the upper centers and body.  This stone is a great aid for depression and stress reduction and also helps if you’re an overthinker, tend to have obsessive thoughts or suffer with insomnia.  It contains Lithium, making it a great aid for those who suffer from Bipolar or Mood disorders.  Wonderful support for those who suffer with allergies, and boosts the immune system – which is something we can all benefit from.


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